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Universal College Bangladesh


What is the brand name of your college?
Universal College Bangladesh (UCB). UCB is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eduko Bangladesh Ltd, and is the exclusive provider in Bangladesh of Monash College programmes that offer pathways into Monash University.

What are your contact details?
Address: Gulshan 1
Hotline: +8801844277342, +8801844277343

Who are your partner institutions?
Monash College, Australia
Monash College is fully owned by Monash University, Australia’s largest university, and is the preferred pathway to Monash University for international students. We offer foundation programs.

What are the programmes you offer?
Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)
Monash College Diplomas (IT, Business, Engineering, Applied Data Science)

What is the relation between Universal College Bangladesh and Monash College?
Universal College Bangladesh (UCB) is Bangladesh’s premier transnational education institute and Monash College’s exclusive partner in providing a pathway to Monash University degrees from Bangladesh. Universal College Bangladesh offers the Monash University Foundation Year programme (comparable to Australian year 12) and Monash College Diplomas in IT, Business, Engineering and Data Science (equivalent to Monash University first year). Read more about Universal College Bangladesh at the Monash College website.

What is the relation between Monash College and Monash University? Is Monash College simply affiliated with Monash University (similar to colleges being affiliated to University of Dhaka) or is Monash College fully-owned by Monash University?
Monash College is in fact fully owned by Monash University, Australia’s largest university. Monash College is the preferred pathway to Monash University for international students. Monash College offers foundation programs and English language courses, diplomas, study abroad, professional experience programs, and more. For over 20 years, Monash College has been helping international students get into their desired degree courses and preparing them for success in the workforce.

Will the students of UCB be getting the same standard of education, curriculum and evaluation process as Monash College Australia?
Yes! The complete annual teaching plan, semester breakup, learning objectives, curriculum, testing and evaluation process are all directed by and absolutely step-in-step with Monash College Australia. Further, Monash College Australia not only undertakes periodic curriculum reviews, but also approves each and every academic staff CV being recruited at Universal College Bangladesh. UCB’s academic performance is also reviewed on a continuing basis with global benchmarks, including with Monash College’s international partner results.

Are the testimonials received by UCB students recognised in Bangladesh and internationally?
UCB has received Ministry of Education approval under Foreign University Branch Campus/Study Center Rules 2014. The Rules 2014 note that UGC will provide a certificate of recognition for all applying students who have completed the UCB programme. Internationally, Deakin University and Swinburne University Australia have formal articulation agreements with Monash University Australia for such cross university acceptances. Monash MUFY/Diploma students have in the past joined various international universities, depending upon their individual entry criteria.

Additionally, Monash University Foundation Year certification at UCB is comparable to Australian Year 12 qualification. And Monash College Diploma at UCB is equivalent to Monash University first year degree qualification.

What are the programmes you offer for students after O Levels?
Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY)*
This is the pathway programme to start your studies after O levels in Bangladesh, before you transition to complete a degree in Monash University Malaysia or Australia. The Monash University Foundation Year gives you the best preparation and support for success at Monash University. It is a pre-university program offered through Monash College. If you successfully complete the programme and meet the entry requirements, we guarantee you first-year entry into all ten faculties offering you a range of degrees at Monash University.

What are the programmes you offer for students after A Levels?
Monash College Diplomas *
We currently offer Diploma of Applied Data Science, Business, IT and Engineering from Monash College, which allows students to proceed towards Monash University in Australia or Malaysia for entry into second year in a range of pathway majors.*

*Entry requirements into Foundation Year and Diplomas apply. If you successfully complete Foundation Year or Diploma and meet the entry requirements, we guarantee you first-year entry into a range of degrees at Monash University.

What are the study modes offered?
We offer only full-time programmes.

Who are the lecturers and where are they from?
UCB lecturers are either PhD, MSc/MBA or equivalent qualified – and have either studied or taught at reputed US, UK or Australian universities or at leading Bangladesh institutions. Lecturers are hired after a rigorous interview process, and officially confirmed by Monash College, Australia.

What are your classroom sizes?
Our classrooms are designed to accommodate efficient learning groups of 25-50 to ensure individual attention is given to the students.

What are the lab facilities provided at UCB?
We house 3 IT labs which consist of over 100 PCs, a physics lab, a chemistry and a bio lab to support student learning at UCB.

What are the payment options?
Fees are payable by semester. UCB  helps facilitate students in accessing student loans.

Monash University, Melbourne – Australia

What are the accommodation options in Melbourne?
Depending on the age of the student, what campus they will be studying at and whether they wish to live on or off-campus, there are a range of accommodation options to suit. Students under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian (either a parent or relative they are living with, or a Monash under 18 guardian) and live in Monash College under-18 approved accommodation. For Monash College and under-18 options, please visit:

Monash Residential Services:

On-campus –
Off-campus –

How do I get my student visa when I am ready to study in Australia?
Once you receive and accept your offer letter or conditional offer from Monash and make the initial payment, you will receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) which you will need to complete your student visa application.
* For more information on the process of transferring from UCB to Monash University, visit

* Information on gaining a student visa for Australia:

Study & Work in Australia

Are we given internships during the study period in Australia?
Many Monash courses actively involve industry partners in both the design and delivery of your education to enable you to be at the forefront of industry knowledge when you graduate. You will find a rich array of work experience, internships and volunteer opportunities open to you, giving you the chance to put theory into practice.

Can we work part-time in Australia?
Holders of a student visa in Australia are allowed to work up to 40 hours per fortnight while the university is in session, and there is no limit on the number of hours an international student can work during recognised school holidays. Please visit for more detailed information about working while on a student visa in Australia

How are the job opportunities upon graduation?
Please visit below links for information on job opportunities upon graduation,

Job opportunities

Career advantage

How much money should I have with me for the cost of living in Melbourne?
It is a good idea to plan and prepare a budget before you arrive in Australia. Your tuition and study fees do not include personal costs such as accommodation, food and other expenses you will need. These costs can add up to approximately A$ 23,000+ per year.

What financial aid is available?
Monash University offers a range of scholarships and grants for international students ranging from university-wide scholarships and faculty-specific options. Visit the website below for more information, eligibility and how to apply.

Monash University – Malaysia

What is the transition plan for students from Bangladesh to Monash University, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)?
A briefing and information session will be held with students during the trimester to inform them of the course options available at Monash University, Malaysia. Students need to submit their application by the due date. Monash University, Malaysia admissions will issue Full or Conditional Offers to students, for students to accept their offer and apply for their visa. Once results are released, Monash University, Malaysia will issue students their Full Offer.

What are the accommodation options in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia?
A range of accommodation options are available for students studying at Monash University in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.