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ইউসিবি ও মোনাশ কলেজ অস্ট্রেলিয়ার বিনামূল্য

Prof. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed
Dean of Academic Affairs

Academic Qualifications
FVS (University of California, Berkeley , USA)
Post-doctorate (McNeese State University, USA)
PhD (Nagasaki University, Japan)
MEcon (Nagasaki University, Japan)
MCom (University of Dhaka)
BCom (University of Dhaka)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
Certified ACBSP Evaluator

Teaching Expertise
Finance and Accounting

Research / Consultancy Expertise
Climate finance, behavioral finance, green banking and corporate social responsibility
Consultancy work for World Bank, IFC, European Union, UNDP, Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI), Toxics Link, InM, CPD and D.Net.

Dr. Naila Al Mahmuda
Associate Professor,
Mathematics and Finance, UCB

Academic Qualifications
Post-doctorate (Kanazawa University, Japan)
PhD (Kanazawa University, Japan)
MBA (BRAC University, Bangladesh)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
Diploma in Computer Programing and IT

Teaching Expertise
Business Mathematics, Business Statistics & Finance

Research/Consultancy Experience
Computational sciences, Carbon finance, Islamic banking and corporate social responsibility.
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT), Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), The industry-Academia Collaborative R&D Programs (COI) from MEXT, The Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences (AGRE), Consultancy work for Ministry of Planning, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh,


Dr. Sadia Afreen
Assistant Professor, Chemistry

Academic Qualifications
PhD Chemical Engineering (University of Nottingham, Malaysia)
BSc Chemical Engineering (BUET)
Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
Postgraduate Student Teachers Certificate (University of Nottingham, Malaysia)

Teaching Expertise
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Research/Consultancy Experience
Analytical Chemistry
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Ms. Sumaiya Binte Kabir
Senior Lecturer, Business Studies

Academic Qualifications
MSS Economics (University of Dhaka)
BSS Economics (University of Dhaka)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications

Teaching Expertise

Research/Consultancy Experience
Public Policy
Development Economics
Environmental Economic

Sumaiya Binte Kabir

Mr. Omar Sharif
Senior Lecturer, Mathematics

(On study leave for PhD program in University of Idaho, USA)

Academic Qualifications
MSc Applied Statistics in Finance, (Universiti Tunku Abdur Rahman, Malaysia)
MSc Applied Mathematics, (University of Dhaka)
BSc Applied Mathematics, (University of Dhaka)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
FORTRAN Programming, C++, Mathmetica, SPSS, Bloomberg Terminal,
Core Teaching Method: Teaching with passion (USA),
MathType, Origin Software

Teaching Expertise
Computational Mathematics

Research/Consultancy Experience
Mathematical modeling, Prediction model
Frontier Methods (DEA, SFA)
Holt’s Method
Parametric and Non-Parametric Approaches.

Mr. Md Arifuzzaman
Senior Lecturer, Mathematics

(On study leave for PhD program in North Carolina State University, USA)

Academic Qualifications
M.Phil. (Continued) in Mathematics, (BUET)
MSc in Applied Mathematics, (University of Dhaka)
BSc in Mathematics, (University of Dhaka)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
COMSOL Multiphysics
Wolfram Mathematica
MATLAB, Tecplot 360
Math Type editor
FORTRAN Programming
C Programming

Teaching Expertise
Computational Mathematics
Discrete Mathematics
Numerical Methods

Research/Consultancy Experience
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Solar Collector
Heat Transfer and Fluid flow
Numerical Analysis
Mathematical Modelling in Biology

Farin Daulah

Ms. Farin Daulah
Lecturer, English

Academic Qualifications
MA Management Studies (University of Westminster, UK)
BA English Language & Linguistics and Education (University of Surrey, UK)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
Teacher Training (University of Oxford, UK)
Teaching English As a Foreign Language (TEFL, UK)

Teaching Expertise
English as a Second Language
Communication Skills
Business Communication

Research / Consultancy Expertise
Developing contextualized teaching material for Bangladeshi University students (University of Leeds)

Ms. Habiba Kibria
Lecturer, Marketing

Academic Qualifications
MCom in Marketing (Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia)
BBA in Marketing and Human Resources Management (North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Teaching Expertise
Digital marketing
Marketing management
Advertisement and promotion
Service marketing
Consumer behaviour
Organisational behaviour
Human resource planning

Research/ Consultancy Expertise
Research paper on service marketing
Marketing club councellor
Student academic and career councellor

Ms. Nahida Parvin
Lecturer, Business Studies

Academic Qualifications
MBA Accounting and Information Systems (University of Dhaka)
BBA Accounting and Information Systems (University of Dhaka)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
ITES Foundation Skill Training

Teaching Expertise
Information Systems

Research/Consultancy Experience
Cost Accounting practices in Bangladesh

Mr. Monirul Hasan
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Computer Science

Academic Qualifications
MSc Computer Science, (University of Manitoba)
BSc Computer Science, (North South University)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
Formal Language Theory
Computer Graphics
Advanced Java
Algorithm 1 & 2

Teaching Expertise
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Formal Language Theory, C, C++, Java, Advanced Java, Compiler Construction, Discrete Mathematics, Numerical Methods, Data Structures, Algorithm

Research/Consultancy Experience
Computer Graphics
Artificial Intelligence
Image Processing
Data Structures and Algorithms

Mr. Md Mahfujul Islam
Lecturer, Physics

Academic Qualifications
MSc in Physics, (Jahangirnagar University)
BSc in Physics, (Jahangirnagar University)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
FORTRAN Programming
C, C++ Programming

Teaching Expertise
Basic Physics
Electricity & Magnetism
Modern Physics
Newtonian & quantum Mechanics

Research/Consultancy Experience
Composite materials experiments(BCSIR)
Nanocomposite materials
STM & STS, IR & RAMAN spectroscopy
X-ray diffraction
Semiconducting materials (IMPMC, Paris, France)

Ms. Tazin Islam Nova
Adjunct Lecturer-Law, UCB

Academic Qualifications
O Level: Scholastica Pvt Ltd
A Level: London College of Legal Studies
LL.B: University of London, UK
LL.M: Northumbria University, UK

Teaching Experience
A Level Law Faculty
Scholastica Pvt Ltd
6 years+

Teaching Expertise
Contract Law
Tort Law
Business Law
Environmental Law
Intellectual Property Law
Trademark & Copyright Law
Cambridge International Course in Teaching and Learning

Research/Consultancy Experience
Research Paper on A Study of Metacognitive Awareness in Educational Institutions

Mr. Abdul Mueez
Adjunct Lecturer, UCB

(On study leave for PhD program in University of Central Florida, USA)

Academic Qualifications
B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (BRAC University)

Teaching Expertise
Computer Architecture, Database Design, Java, Digital Logic Design, Computer Fundamentals

Research/Consultancy Experience
Exploratory data analysis
Sampling techniques to counter class imbalance
Cost-effective color space prediction

Ms. Shuchi Chaki
Adjunct Lecturer, Mathematics

Academic Qualifications
MSc in Applied Mathematics, (University of Dhaka)
BSc in Applied Mathematics, (University of Dhaka)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
WRF application software
Wolfram Mathematics
Tecplot 360
Fortran Programming
Linux (Ubuntu)

Teaching Expertise
Advanced Mathematics

Research/Consultancy Experience
Graph theory
Numerical weather prediction model
Exttreme weather events

Mr. Dewan Muhammad Nur -A Yazdani
Senior Lecturer, Global Studies

Academic Qualifications
BBA in Marketing (Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Master In International Business (MIB) (University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia)
MSc- Research Methods (Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK)

Teaching Expertise
International Business
Global Business
Digital Marketing
Business Environment
Legal Environment of Business
International Marketing
Marketing Research
International Business Strategy
Project Management
Business Law

Research/Consultancy Experience

Research Works:
Structural Retail Environment and People’s Intention to Purchase
Techniques for Analyzing data: A quantitative approach
Research Design and STATA
Internet Use Impact on Physical Health during COVID-19 Lockdown
Psychological and Mental Impact of COVID19
Consumer Buying Behavior towards E-Commerce
Factors Influencing the Usage of Broadband for the Youth and Adolescent
Factors Associated with the Perception of Risk and Knowledge of Contracting the SARS-Cov-2
Electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM) and consumers’ purchase decisions
Brand Image, eWOM, Trust and Online Purchase Intention of Digital Products
Empirical Analysis on Consumer’s Perception, Attitude and Adaptability of SMS Advertising
Detect, Prevent and Respond: A Theoretical Study on Cyber Crime
Customer Satisfaction Determination in Hotel Industry
A Comparative Analysis of Web Strategies of the Universities
Conceptual Model of Internal Marketing for Development of Employees as a Brand
Critical Incident Technique (CIT)-A Tool for measuring effectiveness of service encounters
Influence of Social media addiction and Emotions on other health issues during the disaster recovery period
Consumers' purchasing power on food and other products

Project/Consultancy Works:
A Comparative Analysis of the Websites Strategies of International Education Supplier Countries and Receiving Countries
Culture’s Influences on Translating Quality in the Hospitality Industry
Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Problem and Level of Psychological Impact among Bangladeshi People due to COVID-19 Outbreak
Safety Recommendations for Physicians during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Knowledge Attitude and Practice about COVID-19 Pandemic Prevention among the People of Bangladesh: A Cross-Sectional Community Based Survey

Ms. Ambreen Zaman
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, CSE

Academic Qualifications
PhD Human computer Interaction, University of Bremen, Germany (on going)
MIT in IIT, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
BSc in CSE, Stamford University Bangladesh

Teaching Expertise: 
# Programming Languages: C, C++, Java
# Data Structure
# Computer Graphics
# Digital Logic Design
# Data Communication and Networking
# Microprocessor and Interfacing
# Operating System

Research/Consultancy Experience
Human Computer Inreraction 
Mobile Adhoc Network

Mr. Md Kamal Hossain
Lecturer, Mathematics

Academic Qualifications
M.Phil. (Continued) in Mathematics (BUET)
MSc in Applied Mathematics (University of Dhaka)
BSc in Mathematics (University of Dhaka)

Professional Qualifications/ Certifications
Wolfram Mathematica
FORTRAN Programming
C, C++ Programming

Teaching Experties
Computational Mathematics

Research/ Consultancy Experience
Mathematical Modellng in Biology

Ms. Aura Rahman
Lecturer, Biology

Academic Qualifications
MSc in Biotechnology (North South University)
BSc in Biomedical Sciences (University College London)

Teaching Expertise: 
# Molecular Biology
# Biochemistry
# Microbiology
# Bioinformatics
# Genomics

Research/Consultancy Experience
Impact of community masking on COVID-19: A cluster-randomised trial in Bangladesh.
Comparative genomic analysis of nosocomial pathogens isolated from tertiary hospitals in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
correlation of β-lactamase-producing uropathogenic Escherichia coli(UPEC) strains from Bangladesh.