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ইউসিবি ও মোনাশ কলেজ অস্ট্রেলিয়ার বিনামূল্য
  • UCB is the exclusive partner of Monash College Australia.
  • We offer Monash University 1st year degree equivalent Monash College Diploma programs.
  • On successful completion, you get 100% guaranteed 2nd year entry to Monash University degree programs in Australia/Malaysia (entry requirements apply).
  • We provide 100% Monash curriculum, 100% Monash-trained faculty and 100% Monash-testing
    and certification at UCB.
  • Approved by Ministry of Education, Bangladesh.
  • Significantly less tuition fee, compared to full overseas programmes.
  • We give 30-40% scholarships, depending upon academic results and creative/sports achievements.