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Message from CEO

A warm welcome to UCB

Universal College Bangladesh (UCB) is the only Ministry of Education-approved premier transnational higher education institute in Bangladesh; we exclusively provide University of London Undergraduate Programs in the discipline of EMFSS under the academic direction of world-leading academic institution London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and a guaranteed pathway to the prestigious Monash University on successful completion of the program, a world top 100 university.

In an increasingly knowledge-based global economy, quality education is more important than ever. At UCB, we adopt an uncompromising commitment to offer the most stringent international standards and a higher quality of higher education in Bangladesh. We possess a qualified and competent faculty among private tertiary education institutes in the country who espouse innovative teaching and learning practices.

We passionately embrace a student centric approach and are committed to providing a holistic learning experience. Whilst pursuing academic excellence, we have initiatives to enhance student engagement and enrich the student experience at UCB. We believe that this would enable our students to ultimately become resourceful, enterprising and competent leaders who will contribute effectively to social and economic development both locally and internationally.

We take pleasure in inviting you to UCB.

Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan
Group Chief Executive Officer, Universal College Bangladesh